Mazda Concept Cars to Look Out For

Mazda Concept Cars

Mazda has always been known as one of the most innovative automakers on the market. That’s why it should come as no surprise that they have some of the most unique concept cars right now. Here are a few that Mazda has put out.


Koeru Concept

As the crossover SUV market is one of the fastest growing sections right now, Mazda developed this stunning crossover concept. The Koeru features Mazda’s latest SKYACTIV® Technology, and it’s a great blend of stylish and sporty.


Powerful, stylish, and sleek. These are the three best words to describe the Shinari. Its unique body lines give the Shinari some of the most unique aesthetics we have ever seen.


Derived from the Japanese word for ‘masculine’, the Takeri is a highly efficient vehicle that is also outfitted with Mazda’s new SKYACTIV® technology.


A small, lightweight vehicle, the Sassou is uniquely efficient. It’s powered by a turbocharged, three-cylinder, 1.0-liter MZR Direct Injection Spark Ignition gas engine.


A sporty crossover SUV, the Minagi embodies everything that a crossover vehicle should be. It’s versatile, attractive, and powerful. There’s no question that it’s a car of the future.


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Mazda2 Turbo Concept

Yes, its been a little while since this was originally introduced, but we just can’t get enough of it. The Mazda2 Turbo Concept is the generation of Mazda2 that we have been waiting for. Its original introduction at the SEMA 2011 auto show awed many, but yet it still has yet to see production.

The Mazda2 Turbo is exactly what the Mazda mini car needs, a little more power. Boosted with a 2.3 Liter Turbocharged four-cylinder engine, the small hatch is packed with 263 horsepower and 280 Lb-Ft. of Torque. Those are number usually seen by the Mazda3 Speed, and more than enough to bring even the toughest enthusiasts a smile.  Mazda also reminds us that this vehicle wears the company’s largest forced-induction four-cylinder engine in its smallest vehicle platform. Finally the Zoom-Zoom is brought back to life.

The Mazda2 Turbo Concept rocks a set of Brembo brakes to bring the whole party to a stop in a hurry, and the suspension has received its fair share of attention as well. HR coilovers, Corksport sway bars front and rear and Yokohama rubber all help keep the tiny hatch glued to the track.

There is still no word whether or not Mazda will finally bring this concept to light, but it would be too out of the stretch for them to introduce a Mazda2 Speed. All we can do is sit and hope. I know I want it.