Preventative Car Maintenance: The Basics

Preventative Car Maintenance

Taking care of your car starts with preventing problems from growing and occurring in the first place. Fortunately, preventative car maintenance is fairly simple and straightforward. It can also save you a bundle which means there’s hundreds to thousands of reasons to take the proper precautions. Here are a few tips about preventative car maintenance fromus here at Bakersfield Mazda to help get you started.

  • Owner’s Manual – There’s no better guide to your vehicle than the manufacturer-provided owner’s manual! That intimidating booklet contains all the vital information about your car, including a service schedule that you should mark for future reference. Reading up on what service the manufacturer recommends and when it needs to be done is the best way to prevent future problems.
  • Inspection – Performing a full inspection on a monthly basis can help you spot any growing problems and react accordingly. Look at the tires and check the air pressure. Listen for any odd sounds. Make sure the lights work. It never hurts to walk around the car with your eyes peeled for scratches, dings, and dents!
  • Windshield Wipers – Keeping a clear windshield is incredibly important for safety reasons. That’s why you should switch out your windshield wipers every six months or so. A new set is pretty cheap and the owner’s manual will give you a guide on how to install them.

If you want to learn more about preventative car maintainance, just contact us at Bakersfield Mazda!