Mogees Uses Mazda3 to Create an Automotive Musical Instrument

Mogees is an innovative new product, which turns any object into a musical instrument by converting vibrations into musical sounds. Mazda and Mogees teamed up to turn a regular-old Mazda3 into an automotive musical instrument.

The Mazda3 was covered in Mogees and then played by a group of percussionists in this creative video.

The video, released by Mazda UK takes the opportunity to promote both the Mazda3’s daring KODO-Soul of Motion design and the innovative Mogees gadget.

Mogees creator Bruno Zamborlin kicked off the Mogees project in March of 2014 with a Kickstarter campaign, and since then, has been touring Europe with a team of musicians promoting, “gestural music interface” at a variety of concerts and interviews.

Zamborlin describes how the Mogees work, saying that a microphonic sensor is placed on the surface of an object (in this case, the Mazda3) and records different types of touch (like finger tapping, slapping, and fist pounding). The input is then sent to a smartphone, where the different touches sent through a synthesizer app and are played as music.

“We wanted percussionists to take full advantage of electronic music without losing the feeling of touching a real surface. I would love to see people stop watching their tiny touchscreen all the time and start taking more advantage of what they already have around them,” Zamborlin said in an interview with Wired.

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How Music Can Influence Driving Habits

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam or a stressful driving situation? Have you noticed that technology and weather conditions can have an effect on your attention? Each year, more and more accidents happen from distractions and people not paying attention in stressful situations. This year, American and Dutch researchers banned together creating a study to gauge the effect music can have on drivers.


Recently, scientists created a study focusing on stressful situations and how people’s anxiety can be affected during different music at those times. This study titled, Using Music to Change Mood While Driving, in the journal Ergonomics, was composed of 14 women and 14 men from Stanford University. These 28 subjects were subjected to different weather conditions and other high stress situations while listening to a wide range of music genres. During the study, participants were hooked up to machines that compiled the different stress levels while different tunes were played.
AS a result, researchers found that music actually did play a role in a person’s stress level and their ability to control this situation safely.

Out of different genres ranging from classical to popular, from mild to upbeat all without lyrics, drivers performed best with soothing classical tones. Drivers listening to a soother classical genre were less stressed, less likely to speed, swerve or even cause accidents when compared to their driving experiences with louder upbeat and wild tunes.

The Bakersfield Mazda Dealership, in Bakersfield, CA, is always promoting safe driving habits and was happy to share this new study with readers. Hopefully people can remember this blog when driving in stressful situations to create a safer driving environment. Check out Mazda’s new SkyActiv Technology and other recent innovative technology at our Mazda dealership.