The Mazda Assembly Line

How fast do you think vehicles come off of the assembly line? Would you guess maybe one every thirty minutes? Every ten minutes? If any automaker has manufactured an efficient assembly line, it’s Mazda, rolling a Mazda6 vehicle off of the line every 54 seconds!

Mazda Assembly Line

Mazda has worked hard to keep a prevalent share in the market even including innovations to their assembly line. Creating an innovative and super-efficient process, Mazda is creating vehicles quicker than top automaker Toyota (between 57-115 seconds).

Even though the auto maker is creating vehicles quicker than ever, the company is still having a hard time keeping up with demand. Their reputation of producing highly fuel efficient gas vehicles that can compete with electric hybrids really has consumers excited and wanting more. A common platform used around Mazda plants is the key word monozukuni, which means to make things. That is exactly what employees are doing. They continue to create innovative ideas that excited people, but also provide a better product.

In Japan, Mazda still produces around 60% of the markets vehicles. Globally, the company plans to increase production to 1.7 million vehicles by the year 2017. If Mazda continues to create and produce popular models they will be well on their way to reaching their goal.

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