California, Get Ready for Pay-As-You-Drive Tax

With cars that are more efficient than ever before and less driving on our roads overall, gasoline taxes used to build and maintain roads are dwindling. That’s exactly why some state governments are considering adding a tax that would be paid based on the number of miles you’ve driven. Oregon already has a voluntary pay-as-you-drive tax setup beginning next year which will offer 5,000 drivers the chance to pay 1.5 cents for every mile they travel in the state. Next up? California.

It won’t happen right away, but over the next few years, California drivers should expect to see a pay-as-you-drive tax go into effect to help offset some of the funds it takes to upkeep and build roads – funds that are currently less-than-sufficient, with Congress having to fill the gap with millions of dollars in temporary federal funding.

Pay-As-You-Drive Tax

Get ready for the potential Pay-As-You-Drive Tax, by investing in a fuel efficient vehicle that also allows you to carpool others – this 2015 Mazda3 perhaps.

Oregon’s system uses a pair of devices, one in the vehicles, and one found in certain fuel pumps, that uses GPS to track miles driven, then gives the appropriate credit or surcharge at the pump itself. The system could be much simpler with systems like Apple iPlay and in-car internet systems like OnStar. If configured correctly, these systems could easily track the distance a car has travelled.

If you’re concerned about your driving habits being tracked, you’re not alone. According to, the American Civil Liberties Union has expressed concerns about unapproved tracking, and privacy was the top concern of those who took part in Oregon’s trial. There is little doubt that, despite these privacy concerns, there is enough money at stake and enough technology available that California will be able to create a system that would satisfy any privacy concerns.

Here at Bakersfield Mazda, we wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see a pay-as-you-drive tax system make its way to California’s roads, and the rest of the country very soon. What do you think? Efficient (and fair) way to obtain the funds needed to keep our roadways drivable, or just another tax (and one with privacy concerns to add insult to injury)?

Mazda Scores More Fleet Sales with Efficiency of SKYACTIV Technology

If you operate a fleet of vehicles, one major concern is fuel costs. Having a fuel-efficient fleet can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars every year. With Mazda’s impressive fuel-efficient SKYACTIV Technology, it is capturing a larger part of the fleet industry every year.

Mazda reports that year-over-year fleet sales in the UK have risen 80 percent for the 2013-2014 fiscal year.

Chris Stableford, Mazda’s UK fleet sales manager, said at a Fleet Show in Silvertone, UK, “Fleet operators and company car drivers are looking to save money and Skyactiv technology in the all-new Mazda3, Mazda6 and Mazda CX-5 enables them to do just that.”

SKYACTIV technology combines lightweight materials, aerodynamics, and fuel-efficient engines to create a vehicle that is not only efficient, but is fun to drive, too.

Whether you’re looking to fill a fleet or just looking for your next ride, visit us at Bakersfield Mazda and we’ll show you why Mazda’s SKYACTIV Technology gives you the best car possible.

Mazda Gives Consumers the Best Fuel Efficiency Cars in the Industry

In the recently released United States Environmental Protection Agency fuel economy report for cars and light trucks, Mazda was recognized for having a fleet of the most fuel efficient vehicles on the market.

Best Fuel Efficiency

Creating the Best Fuel Efficiency vehciles, Mazda’s adjusted fleet-wide numbers ranked highest in mpg performance and lowest in CO2 emissions.

The company boasts 27.1 mpg in its 2012 model year vehicles, an increase of 2.1 miles per gallon over the 2011 models. According to the report, it is the second largest increase in the industry.

CO2 emissions were reported at 328, the lowest in the industry.

Mazda reached these record numbers through its award-winning SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY, which provides an affordable alternative for those shopping for a new car.

“While other manufacturers have turned their attention to hybrids and electric cars, we chose to focus on perfecting the base technology used in more than 90 percent of the cars and SUVs sold today: the internal combustion engine. Through analyzing and refining this technology, as well as every other component in a modern automobile, Mazda has been able to achieve class-leading fuel economy in nearly every segment it competes in, and bring that technology – at an affordable price – to every customer,” said Jim O’Sullivan, Mazda North American Operations president and CEO.

Check out our Bakersfield Mazda inventory Best Fuel Efficiency fuel-efficient vehicles, and start saving the planet and your wallet today.