Thanksgiving Travel Tips to Avoid Traffic and Stress

Thanksgiving Travel Tips - Bakersfield, CA

Traveling for Thanksgiving can be a hectic undertaking, to say the least. From packing, avoiding traffic, and showing up on time for dinner, there’s a lot that goes into hitting the road for this holiday. Save yourself the stress this year and follow these Thanksgiving travel tips from Bakersfield Mazda.


Plan Alternate Route

Millions of Americans travel for Thanksgiving, so you should expect the unexpected. Be ready for unusually high traffic by planning an alternate route. Remember that driving a few extra miles will get you there faster than standing still in traffic for hours.

Connected Navigation

Avoiding traffic is nearly impossible without a connected infotainment system with great navigation capabilities. Make sure your smartphone is charged and rely on an advanced system such as MAZDA CONNECT™ to keep you on track in unpredictable driving conditions.

Leave at an odd hour

You can be sure that most Thanksgiving drivers are going to hit the road sometime in the afternoon. This traffic onslaught invariably leads to massive delays on the road. Instead, consider resting during the day and driving through the night.


Traveling long distances can put a lot of strain on your car and everyone along for the ride. The newest Mazda lineup achieved incredible fuel efficiency and offers plenty of cargo space and technology features to keep everyone comfortable and happy. Stop by Bakersfield Mazda today and discover how great your next road trip could be.

New Year’s Driving Tips: Don’t Drink and Drive

Celebrating on New Years Eve - Bakersfield, CANew Year’s is right around the corner, one of the biggest celebrations of the holiday season. However, it is also considered one of the most dangerous holidays, largely because of bad weather conditions and drunk drivers. More than 95 million Americans are set to be on the road this holiday season, and almost half of the car accidents on New Year’s Eve and Day are due to impaired driving. Read on to learn New Year’s driving tips.

First and foremost, don’t drink and drive. You’ve heard it a thousand times, but even if you have one drink, make sure you have a ride home. According to the Huffington Post, Alcohol is directly linked to 42 percent of traffic deaths in the US, and that number surges during the holiday season. That’s because alcohol slows brain activity, reducing reaction time and increasing the likelihood that you’ll fall asleep behind the wheel. If possible, get a designated driver, and suggest a rotating calendar (switch DDs every year so no one is forced to do it all the time).

Next, if you are driving home, be sure to watch for other drivers. Look for signs like swerving, speeding, and slamming on the brakes. If you notice someone may be intoxicated, slow down, pull to the side of the road, and call the police. If you are giving a ride to others, make sure to set ground rules to make sure you’re not distracted.

Finally, don’t fall for myths. For instance, coffee does not sober you up. Though you might feel energetic briefly, this is simply the result of caffeine. The only cure for intoxication is time—you simply have to wait until the alcohol leaves your system. For most, one drink takes at least an hour to break down (one beer, one shot, or one glass of wine). However, these rates really vary depending on your muscle mass. To play it safe, if alcohol touches your lips, plan on getting a ride. If the worst comes to worst, call a taxi or Uber home.

Bakersfield Mazda wishes everyone a very SAFE and fun New Years!

How Music Can Influence Driving Habits

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam or a stressful driving situation? Have you noticed that technology and weather conditions can have an effect on your attention? Each year, more and more accidents happen from distractions and people not paying attention in stressful situations. This year, American and Dutch researchers banned together creating a study to gauge the effect music can have on drivers.


Recently, scientists created a study focusing on stressful situations and how people’s anxiety can be affected during different music at those times. This study titled, Using Music to Change Mood While Driving, in the journal Ergonomics, was composed of 14 women and 14 men from Stanford University. These 28 subjects were subjected to different weather conditions and other high stress situations while listening to a wide range of music genres. During the study, participants were hooked up to machines that compiled the different stress levels while different tunes were played.
AS a result, researchers found that music actually did play a role in a person’s stress level and their ability to control this situation safely.

Out of different genres ranging from classical to popular, from mild to upbeat all without lyrics, drivers performed best with soothing classical tones. Drivers listening to a soother classical genre were less stressed, less likely to speed, swerve or even cause accidents when compared to their driving experiences with louder upbeat and wild tunes.

The Bakersfield Mazda Dealership, in Bakersfield, CA, is always promoting safe driving habits and was happy to share this new study with readers. Hopefully people can remember this blog when driving in stressful situations to create a safer driving environment. Check out Mazda’s new SkyActiv Technology and other recent innovative technology at our Mazda dealership.