Finding the Best Back to School Car

For those of us with school-aged children, you’re probably already thinking about or longing for back-to-school time. If you have a new driver or perhaps a recent high school graduate you might have a car on your school supplies list this year.

Here are a few tips for finding the best back to school car.

  • Discuss priorities. Talk with your student to find out why he or she wants in a car. Your ideas of wants vs. needs are probably different, but find a way to compromise. Remember, that if you get a car they actually want to drive, they will probably take better care of it.
  • New vs. used. One of the most important steps in finding a back to school car is whether you want a new or used vehicle. Keep in mind that used cars generally offer a better value; however, new cars will give you the best safety and technology features.
  • Budget. What is your budget for this car? Is your child contributing to the purchase price and upkeep? Who is paying for gas, insurance, and repairs? Don’t forget all of these related car expenses before you settle on a specific model.

Once you and your scholar have hammered out these details, it’s time to start test driving. Both the Mazda2 and Mazda3 are great back to school options that are economical, safe, and fun to drive. Come visit us today at Bakersfield Mazda and we’ll help you find the best back to school car.

best back to school car

2012 Mazda3

Independence Day Activities in Bakersfield

As July 4 gets closer, you might be wondering about Independence Day activities in Bakersfield. Here are a few local events to get you started.

  • Bakersfield Winds Patriotic Concert. Music always stirs the soul and what better way to feel patriotic than by listening to some of the greatest patriotic music played by some incredible musicians. This annual event will be held on June 30 at 7:30 pm at Olive Drive Church in Bakersfield. Musical selections include music from the movie Lincoln, “Stars and Stripes Forever,” selections from Oklahoma, and more. Suggested admission is $5, but veterans are admitted for free.
  • The Fourth at River Walk Celebration. Independence Day isn’t complete until you’ve seen some fireworks. Stop by the River Walk Park here in Bakersfield and listen to performances by Right Cross and Foster Campbell before the spectacular fireworks display. Bring your own picnic, blankets, and chairs and enjoy a night out on the lawn. Call 661-852-7300 for more information.
  • 4th of July Hotdog Festival. What’s more American than hotdogs? Not much. Head to nearby Tehachapi on July 4 and spend the day celebrating America. There will be fun activities throughout the day including the Wiener Dog races, music, fireworks, and of course hot dogs (and other food).

Independence Day activities in Bakersfield

Here at Bakersfield Mazda, we wish everyone a happy Independence Day and hope everyone stays safe and gets to spend some time with family and friends.

What Does My Engine Light Mean? Bakersfield Mazda Engine Service Discounts

In the world there are currently around 20 million people driving vehicles with check engine lights on. Do you know someone whose check engine light is currently on? Are you one of them? Avoiding getting it checked, because it could be an expensive fix? Avoiding the check engine light could be one of the worst ideas and turn into a very expensive problem if not taken care of right away.

check engine light

When the red, orange or yellow check engine light comes on, it can mean anything from an expensive fix like a bad catalytic converter to an inexpensive fix like a loose gas cap. Usually the light turns on due to your engine releasing a hazardous amount of pollutants into the air and something needs to be fixed. With one in ten percent of all cars with their check engine light on and on average waiting three months to have it checked, that small light can be the symbol of harm for the environment.

CarMD has published the most common Check Engine light codes up to 2010 and what each average problem should cost. Common problems with engine when gas light comes on:

  • Loose gas cap
  • Spark plug wires
  • Mass air flow sensor
  • 02 sensor

As scary as it may seem, once the check engine light comes on, the best thing to do is immediately take your car, truck or SUV to a dealership. The Bakersfield Mazda Dealership in Bakersfield, CA has highly trained Mazda technicians who specialize in fixing engines. Schedule a service with the Bakersfield Mazda dealer today! Come in by November 30th, 2013 and fine a Fall Engine Service Special for only $25.95!

Best Road Trip Games

Road Trip Games

Best road Trip Games

Whether it is a flight, road trip, train trip or even boat trip, travelers are not often excited for the traveling part of a trip. The idea of a long road trip and added driving hours can tend to turn people off. Road trips do not need to be stressful and completely boring. With the right vehicle and road trip games, your trip can be entertaining and a fun drive. Bakersfield Mazda in Bakersfield, CA wants you and your family to have the best road trip possible this summer! We have compiled a list of the Top Ten Road Trip Games so you and your family or friends can have a great time during every part of your vacation.

Top 10 Road Trip Games:

  1. i-Spy: One of the best known car games of all time. Have someone start with “I spy with my little eye…” and give a hint. The first person to guess correctly will pick next.
  2. 20 Questions: Someone picks a person, place or thing and guessers get 20 questions to guess what it is.
  3. Punch Bug Slug: Keep track of how many Volkswagen bugs you see and the first person to see them can tap everyone.
  4. Getting Through the Alphabet: starting with A, utilize letters on signs, billboards, license plates, etc. and the first one to find all of the letters of the alphabet in order will win.
  5. Scavenger Hunt: Put a list together of objects commonly seen in city, rural or suburbs and race to see who can find them all first.
  6. Mystery Song: hum or whistle a tune or television show tune to see who can guess it first
  7. Tunnel Vision: when entering tunnels see who can hold their breath the longest
  8. Geography: Try naming all the states. How many Capitals or Countries can you name? Have someone name a state and someone else name a state or capital that starts with the last letter of the state.
  9. Two Truths and One Lie: Tell two truths and one lie and have people guess what the lie was.
  10. Group Story Telling: Make up a story about the people in the car next to you. Or have someone start the story with a few sentences and then have someone else take over.

Along with great road trip games a great vehicle can also help improve the whole trip experience. Recently, both the CX-5 and Mazda6 were honored at Family Choice Challenge for their family-friendly ways. The overall Top Family Choice Vehicle award went to the Mazda CX-5 for great driving dynamics, comfort, fuel economy, abundant safety features and versatility. Adding another award to its already long list, the Mazda6 earned the Best Green Family Choice Vehicle.  By combining these games with one of these vehicles, you are sure to have a successful road trip!

How Hot is Too Hot for your Pets?

Dogs Overheating in Car

Dog Temperatures in your Car

Just how hot is too hot? When leaving an animal in the car for only a few minutes, temperatures are on the rise and can cause a coffin for your pet. There has been a long told myth that a pets fur keeps it cool during the summer, which could not be further then the truth. In fact, dogs overheat much quicker than humans and are less efficient in cooling themselves down. Leaving an animal in the car, even for 10 minutes is one of the quickest ways your pet can suffer from a heat stroke.

How long does it take for your car to get hot? View the photo chart to find out. Most dogs begin to show signs that they are over heating around 81 degrees Fahrenheit. It is safest practice to not leave your dog in the car when it is 65 degrees or warmer. In minutes at this temperature, your car can overheat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

To avoid the dangers of a warm day, there are a few precautions you can take if you absolutely must leave your dog in the car.

  • First and foremost try and leave your dog at home.
  • If you bring your car along make sure to have a supply of cold drinking water and a bowl.
  • Cover up metal that can burn your dog- create a safe place.
  • Park your car in the shade.
  • Leave the air conditioning on.
  • Install a temperature warning system that sounds when your car reaches a certain temperature
  • Stay aware and look for signs of thirst, heavy panting, lethargy, blue gums ad tongue, rapid heartbeat, fever, glazed eyes, vomiting and lack of coordination.

If you notice your dog with any of these signs it is important to cool them down quickly and contact a veterinarian. These tips are brought to you by Bakersfield Mazda in Bakersfield, CA. Bakersfield Mazda cares about the pets that become a part of our families and wants to make sure you are able to keep yours as healthy as possible!

Bakersfield Mazda Celebrates Mother’s Day with Specials and Prizes

Mother's Day Specials, Discounts and Prizes

Bakersfield Mazda Mother’s Day Specials

Are you struggling with what to get your Mother this Mother’s Day? Are you a Mother and looking for a way to treat yourself? Well do not worry; Bakersfield Mazda has great Mother’s Day Specials, Promotions and giveaways going on.

Here at Bakersfield Mazda, we know a lot goes into being a Mother. We want to celebrate Mother’s with our exclusive Celebrate Your Mother Giveaway. All you have to do is write in and nominate your Mother by telling us why you have the “Greatest Mom Ever!” By participating, you will enter you mother in to a contest for a chance to win prizes like massages, flowers, dinner and more! If you are interested, click the link here:

To celebrate Mothers, until May 17, 2013, drivers can receive a FULL car detail and conventional engine oil and filter change for the low price of only $139.95. This special offer includes conventional engine oil and filter change, full exterior car wash, exterior paint polish and wax, interior vacuum, upholstery shampoo, wheel cleanup and tire dressing.

Treat your Mother to a full car detail and let her start her summer with a polished up and cleaned car. Also, don’t forget to enter in the contest for a chance to win massages, flowers or dinner for your Mother! For more specials, Visit Bakersfield Mazda’s Specials page or give us a call at (866)217-6442.

Advantages to leasing a Mazda from Bakersfield Mazda in CA

2013 Low Lease Prices

Low Lease Prices at Bakersfield Mazda

Have you ever thought about leasing a vehicle? Not sure if it is the right choice for you? There are both positive and negative aspects to leasing a car. From analyzing both views, we have come to find that the positives outweigh the negatives for many.

Advantages to Leasing:

  • Lower monthly payments: since you are only paying for a portion of the vehicle, monthly lease payments are 30-60% lower
  • More bang for your buck: Usually monthly lease payments are lower than buying, so you can afford more options
  • Warranty coverage: many people like to lease for the allotted time in the manufacturer’s warranty coverage- this way repairs are always covered
  • Lower up-front cash: many require little or no down payment and you only pay tax on the portion of the value that you use during your lease
  • Easy to exchange: when the lease is up, simply return the vehicle in exchange for a new one

For a short time only, Bakersfield Mazda, in Bakersfield, CA is offering lease specials on the all new 2014 MAZDA6, and 2013 models including the MAZDA3, Mazda CX-5 and Mazda CX-9. Until April 30, 2013, Bakersfield Mazda will be offering these vehicles at low lease prices! The staff at this dealership wants to help you find a new car to fit your needs today.

Lease Specials at Bakersfield Mazda

Leasing is as simple as driving up, trading up, and driving out! Stop by Bakersfield before April 30th or call (866)217-6442 for more information!

Think Long Term Affordability with a Mazda


Mazda Brand is Most Affordable in the Long Term

Mazda Brand is Named by Kelley Blue books as Most Affordable Brand Long Term


When you think of Mazda, a number of things come to mind; fun, quirky, stylish, and efficient, just to name a few.  With all of these attributes, the affordability of a Mazda is truly remarkable.  Recently, Kelley Blue Book awarded Mazda a 2013 5-Year Cost to Own Award, naming the brand as one of the most affordable over five years.

To calculate the cost of ownership, KBB combines a number of factors including depreciation, maintenance and repair fees, fuel cost, insurance and financing.  This is an important tool for buyers, because with some car brands, the initial purchase price may be low, but the cost of ownership could sky-rocket with repairs and fuel costs.  Mazda shoppers don’t have to worry about that though.

“Budget-conscious drivers want quality vehicles that are easy to maintain and worth more when it’s time to trade in, and that’s why more and more motorists are turning to Mazda.  The best part is that you can have the performance and quality you want while still getting class-leading fuel economy, which is a total win-win for people who want to actually enjoy driving,” commented Tom McGovern, General Manager of a Chicago Mazda dealer.

Congratulations, Mazda on the 5-Year Cost to Own Award. If you are looking for an affordable, fun and efficient new ride, then Mazda is your best choice.  Stop by our dealership, Bakersfield Mazda, to browse our extensive inventory of new and used Mazda vehicles.

Bakersfield Mazda’s 10 Simple Steps to Keeping a Healthy Car

Car Service

10 Simple Steps to Keeping a Healthy Car

Spring is here! and so is the Spring cleaning you have been dreading! Spring cleaning is not the only important task for spring. April is National Car Care month after a long winter. Bakersfield Mazda in Bakersfield, CA wants to make sure you have the tools to prepare your car for another healthy year. There are simple maintenance check-ups and services that you may not think of to help keep your car in good shape. By following the 10 simple steps listed below, you and your car will have another great year!

The 10 simple steps to keeping a healthy car:

  1. Make sure all fluids are topped off
  2. Check for cracks and extreme wear in hoses or belts
  3. Look to see if your battery is still operating with high power
  4. Have break lining, rotors and drums examined
  5. Pencil in a vehicle tune-up to receive best fuel economy and balance
  6. Examine exhaust for leaks
  7. Check to make sure heating and AC are  properly working
  8. Test windshield wipers and all lights
  9. Schedule a tire rotation/tread check, wheel alignment and air pressure appointment
  10. Have shock absorbers, steering and suspension system and chassis parts inspected

Following these simple steps will help keep you and drivers around you safe. They will also help keep your car in prime condition and allow you to have better fuel economy. Bakersfield Mazda is always offering new service discounts and coupons. To find some of these visit their service specials or call to set up an appointment. You can also make service appointments online.

Mazda 6 is a Top Safety Pick+ Winner

2014 Mazda 6

2014 Mazda 6 wins IHHS Top Safety Pick

If you are looking for a safe car to drive your family around to their many activities, then the 2014 Mazda 6 is the perfect pick for you!  It is not only good looking, powerful and efficient, but it was named a Top Safety Pick+ winner from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

This is a great achievement for Mazda since the Mazda 6 is now one of only four in its category that has received this honor so far this year.  Also, the Top Safety Pick+ rating has become stricter in the last year due to the new small overlap test.  In order to win a Top Safety Pick+ award, each car must receive a rating of Good in four out of the five tests and no less than an Acceptable rating in the fifth test.

The Mazda 6 received good safety ratings for a number of standard and available safety features.  The standard features on every Mazda 6 include an Anti-lock Brake System with Brake Assist, Roll Stability Control, Dynamic Stability Control, Traction Control and a tire pressure monitoring system.  It also has a SKYACTIVE body and SKYACTIVE chassis.  These are both designed to increase the strength and rigidity while keeping the cars weight down.

A number of intuitive safety features are available on the Mazda 6.  Blind Spot Monitoring can detect other drivers in those hard-to-see areas and sounds a warning chime and light to notify you.  The Smart City Brake Support helps apply brake pressure when a frontal collision is imminent.  Finally, Rear Cross Traffic Alert helps you to identify objects behind your car.

The Mazda 6 offers drivers the whole package, sporty good looks, fuel efficiency, performance and Top Safety Pick+ safety features, all at an affordable price.  The 2014 Mazda 6 is now available at our dealership, Bakersfield Mazda.  You can contact their friendly sales staff to find out more information or to set up a test drive.