Fuel Efficiency Tips

Fuel Efficiency Tips - 2017 Mazda Lineup

Every driver strives to save money and taking the steps to increase your fuel efficiency is the way to do just that. Here are some fuel efficiency tips from us here at Bakersfield Mazda!

Drive the Speed Limit

Speed limits are a safety precaution recommended by the government, but they also help conserve fuel. Driving 55 mph instead of 70 mph can increase fuel economy by more than five percent! That’s quite a pretty penny in savings over the course of an hour-long drive.

Maintain Your Vehicle

Automotive manufacturers generally recommend maintaining your vehicle to avoid major problems, but there’s another benefit as well. Properly maintaining your vehicle by performing routine oil changes and tire rotations can help improve fuel economy. Fresh oil and a tune up allows the engine to operate at peak performance while tire rotations offer a smoother ride with more traction.

There are plenty of ways to improve your vehicle’s efficiency. Start by checking out the manufacturer-recommended service schedule found in your owner’s manual.

Drive Smarter

Running to the grocery store then returning home only to head out across town once more is a waste of fuel. Combining your trips, such as going to the grocery store, post office, and picking your kids up from school, can help save fuel on a day-to-day basis. Drive smarter by combining your trips to travel fewer miles.

How to Keep Your Car Cool in the Summer Heat

Stumped on how to keep your car cool after baking under the hot summer sun all day? We at Bakersfield Mazda have a few tips.


Park in the shade

If there’s a parking garage or a shaded area where you’re going, try to find a spot where you can park where the sun won’t hit your car directly. Even if outside temperatures are still hot, it won’t heat up the interior as much.

Use a sunshade

You can hide your cabin from the sun in all other instances where you can’t just park in a garage or under some trees with a protective covering like a sunshade.

Crack your windows

Part of what makes getting into your car on a sunny day so unbearable is the fact that sunlight heats up the air inside the car, which then can’t escape. Cracking the windows allows the interior to ventilate.

Cover your seats and steering wheel

Do you have vinyl or leather seats? What about a black steering wheel? Protect yourself from hot surfaces in your car by tossing a towel or blanket over them before you get out of your car.

Run the air conditioner before getting in

If your car is still too hot inside after trying all of the above, open all the doors and blast the air conditioning for a few minutes until it’s tolerable.


Keep your car cool with this helpful advice so you don’t sweat all the way home in the summertime!

How to Change Your Engine Air Filter

mechanic - Bakersfield, CA

Whether you attempt it on your own or take it to a shop, changing your car’s air filter regularly is important.

There are plenty of auto maintenance and repair tasks you can do at home without dropping big bucks on a visit to the mechanic. One of them is changing your engine air filter. If you’re familiar with cars at all, this should be an easy task for you.

The engine air filter, not to be confused with the cabin air filter, helps keep debris from getting into your engine and affecting engine performance. Check your owner’s manual or ask your dealer to find out how often you should change it, but the rule of thumb is once a year or every 12,000 miles.

After you buy a new filter, your first step is to park on a level surface, turn the car off, and pop the hood. Look for the air filter casing—in newer cars it should be located between the engine and front grille.

The casing will either be held on with screws or metal clips. With screws, just make sure you have the right screwdriver and unscrew them. With metal clips, use a butter knife to open the clips. Now lift the old filter out of the casing and use a rag to clean out the casing.

Put the new filter in where the old one was and replace the casing. It’s as simple as that!

But if you need help, schedule service today with our team and we’ll help change your car’s engine air filter!

Tips On How To Increase A Car’s Resale Value

Most of us don’t drive our cars into the ground, so to speak. We normally sell the vehicle at some point, when the miles have reached a certain threshold or when a necessary repair comes up. Knowing this, it behooves us to do everything we can to insure that our vehicles show as much value as possible. To help in that endeavor, we’ve compiled a few tips on how to increase a car’s resale value.

how to increase a car’s resale value

Get a great used car like this 2015 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring and learn to take care of it so it last for a long time and holds its value.

Appearance is huge. This is about controlling a potential buyer’s emotional response. In reality, the buyer can just as easily wax the car after they buy it. But it can pay dividends to wash and wax the car before selling it. Make a good first impression! Along with a good waxing, buff out any cloudy or glazed headlights and scrub the brake dust off of your rims.

Beyond the car’s current condition and its appearance, the buyer is going to be very interested in the car’s history. So, have your papers in order. Hopefully, you’ve kept proof of repairs. If you’ve miraculously kept proof of oil changes, that would impress the most skeptical shopper.

If you’ve made a few mistakes with the car you are currently selling, just commit to doing better with the next one. Keep it clean, maintained and collect all relevant papers as you go along. If you’re looking just to trade in your used car for a new one, then come see us at Bakersfield Mazda.

What Emotions Does Your Car Color Bring Out?


According to ABC News, in 2012, white was the most popular car color worldwide with 22% of cars having white paint. Silver takes a close second at 20% and then black at 19%. What kind of vibe are you giving off with your car? When people look at your car what type of mood does it put them in? The color of your car may have more weight than you think. Below is a list of car colors and reactions people tend to have when they see certain colors:

  • Red= Passion, Enhanced Metabolism
  • Orange= Sense of Welcoming, Energy
  • Yellow= Happiness, Positivity
  • Green= Harmony, Stability
  • Blue= Peace Relaxation
  • Purple= Luxury, Romance
  • Black= Power, Elegance, Edginess
  • White= Purity, Simplicity
  • Silver= Glamorous, Sophisticated

Do you agree with these different color descriptions? Do you believe your car color matches its description? If you have never thought about this, start paying attention today. While sitting in traffic look at the different car colors and take note of the emotions they bring out in you.

Some of the most popular Mazda car colors include Soul Red, Stormy Blue Mica, Snowflake White Pearl, Jet Black, Liquid Silver, Spirited Green and many more. When looking at different car models, it becomes important to notice the variance of color tone pallets throughout the different vehicles. Some are bold and aggressive while others are calm and trusting. Bakersfiled Mazda in Bakersfield, CA has all of the popular model colors available at their dealership. Just recently, the new 2014 Mazda6 and Mazda CX-5 arrived. Stop in to see the many colors available.

How Hot is Too Hot for your Pets?

Dogs Overheating in Car

Dog Temperatures in your Car

Just how hot is too hot? When leaving an animal in the car for only a few minutes, temperatures are on the rise and can cause a coffin for your pet. There has been a long told myth that a pets fur keeps it cool during the summer, which could not be further then the truth. In fact, dogs overheat much quicker than humans and are less efficient in cooling themselves down. Leaving an animal in the car, even for 10 minutes is one of the quickest ways your pet can suffer from a heat stroke.

How long does it take for your car to get hot? View the photo chart to find out. Most dogs begin to show signs that they are over heating around 81 degrees Fahrenheit. It is safest practice to not leave your dog in the car when it is 65 degrees or warmer. In minutes at this temperature, your car can overheat up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

To avoid the dangers of a warm day, there are a few precautions you can take if you absolutely must leave your dog in the car.

  • First and foremost try and leave your dog at home.
  • If you bring your car along make sure to have a supply of cold drinking water and a bowl.
  • Cover up metal that can burn your dog- create a safe place.
  • Park your car in the shade.
  • Leave the air conditioning on.
  • Install a temperature warning system that sounds when your car reaches a certain temperature
  • Stay aware and look for signs of thirst, heavy panting, lethargy, blue gums ad tongue, rapid heartbeat, fever, glazed eyes, vomiting and lack of coordination.

If you notice your dog with any of these signs it is important to cool them down quickly and contact a veterinarian. These tips are brought to you by Bakersfield Mazda in Bakersfield, CA. Bakersfield Mazda cares about the pets that become a part of our families and wants to make sure you are able to keep yours as healthy as possible!

Bakersfield Mazda’s 10 Simple Steps to Keeping a Healthy Car

Car Service

10 Simple Steps to Keeping a Healthy Car

Spring is here! and so is the Spring cleaning you have been dreading! Spring cleaning is not the only important task for spring. April is National Car Care month after a long winter. Bakersfield Mazda in Bakersfield, CA wants to make sure you have the tools to prepare your car for another healthy year. There are simple maintenance check-ups and services that you may not think of to help keep your car in good shape. By following the 10 simple steps listed below, you and your car will have another great year!

The 10 simple steps to keeping a healthy car:

  1. Make sure all fluids are topped off
  2. Check for cracks and extreme wear in hoses or belts
  3. Look to see if your battery is still operating with high power
  4. Have break lining, rotors and drums examined
  5. Pencil in a vehicle tune-up to receive best fuel economy and balance
  6. Examine exhaust for leaks
  7. Check to make sure heating and AC are  properly working
  8. Test windshield wipers and all lights
  9. Schedule a tire rotation/tread check, wheel alignment and air pressure appointment
  10. Have shock absorbers, steering and suspension system and chassis parts inspected

Following these simple steps will help keep you and drivers around you safe. They will also help keep your car in prime condition and allow you to have better fuel economy. Bakersfield Mazda is always offering new service discounts and coupons. To find some of these visit their service specials or call to set up an appointment. You can also make service appointments online.