Improving Gas Mileage is Easy with these Simple Tips

Improving gas mileage - 2017 Mazda CX-9 in Bakersfield, CA

Burning through gasoline is tough on your wallet and the environment. To cut down on the types of pollution that make air quality worse, follow these tips from Bakersfield Mazda for improving gas mileage. And since you’ll save money in the process, you’ve got nothing to lose.


Don’t floor it

Sometimes you need to quickly accelerate to avoid road hazards or keep up with traffic. But usually, accelerating quickly simply consumes more gas. Even a fuel-efficient hybrid will quickly go through gas if you floor it at every light.

Follow the speed limit

The faster you go, the more energy is needed to overcome increased wind resistance. This means that faster driving equals greater fuel consumption. Following the speed limit is a good way to ensure you’re not using more gas than necessary.

Clean out your car

Extra weight requires more fuel to move around. If your trunk is packed with unnecessary items, clearing some space will make your vehicle more fuel-efficient.

Turn off A/C

Running the A/C puts additional strain on your engine, which results in increased fuel consumption. Next time you flip on the air, ask yourself if it’s worth the additional cost to you and the environment.


Cars become more fuel-efficient every year, but there is still no substitute for responsible driving. Follow these tips to improve your gas mileage and be kind to the environment.

Thanksgiving Travel Tips to Avoid Traffic and Stress

Thanksgiving Travel Tips - Bakersfield, CA

Traveling for Thanksgiving can be a hectic undertaking, to say the least. From packing, avoiding traffic, and showing up on time for dinner, there’s a lot that goes into hitting the road for this holiday. Save yourself the stress this year and follow these Thanksgiving travel tips from Bakersfield Mazda.


Plan Alternate Route

Millions of Americans travel for Thanksgiving, so you should expect the unexpected. Be ready for unusually high traffic by planning an alternate route. Remember that driving a few extra miles will get you there faster than standing still in traffic for hours.

Connected Navigation

Avoiding traffic is nearly impossible without a connected infotainment system with great navigation capabilities. Make sure your smartphone is charged and rely on an advanced system such as MAZDA CONNECT™ to keep you on track in unpredictable driving conditions.

Leave at an odd hour

You can be sure that most Thanksgiving drivers are going to hit the road sometime in the afternoon. This traffic onslaught invariably leads to massive delays on the road. Instead, consider resting during the day and driving through the night.


Traveling long distances can put a lot of strain on your car and everyone along for the ride. The newest Mazda lineup achieved incredible fuel efficiency and offers plenty of cargo space and technology features to keep everyone comfortable and happy. Stop by Bakersfield Mazda today and discover how great your next road trip could be.