The 2016 Bakersfield Comic Con

Attention all lovers of comics, games, television shows and general shenanigans! The 2016 Bakersfield Comic Con was back for its 9th annual year and it was bigger and better than ever. Thanks to last year’s roaring attendance, this year’s Comic Con was expanded. It was two days long, with twice as much room, twice as many guests, double the exhibitors and double the programming.

The Bakersfield Comic Con took place on November 12th and 13th at the Kern County Fairgrounds in buildings three and four. Adult admission was $8 for one day or $15 for two, $5 and $8 respectively for kids 8-14, and free for children under 8. This year’s Bakersfield Comic Con turned out to be quite the bang for your buck.

There was plenty to keep the guests occupied on both Saturday and Sunday. From the 7th annual costume contest to the long list of vendors with things like stickers, comics, toys, jewelry and more. And, of course we can’t forget, guests getting the chance to meet all of the great special appearances at Bakersfield Comic Con. An impressive list includes Sam Jones from “Flash Gordon,” writer Steve Niles, The Walking Dead cast members Vincent Ward and Jeryl Prescott, and so many more. With gaming events all day both days, industry giveaways and a chance to mingle with other fans, this was one gathering you wouldn’t have wanted to miss. Didn’t get a chance to go this year? Don’t fret there is always next year!

Five Things You Don’t Know About Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving - Bakersfield, CAPumpkin pie, football, early Christmas shopping … there are some things we can’t help but associate with this time of year. But it’s the things that your guests don’t know about Thanksgiving that will make a great conversation starter.

Wampanoag Indians Put the “E” in “Feast”

The settlers at Plymouth Rock had every intention of giving thanks by praying and fasting, as was their traditional way of doing so. But, when the Native Americans joined the celebration, they brought along their own traditions. Dancing and feasting were both part of their own harvest celebrations.

The Eagle vs the Turkey     

Ben Franklin had high hopes for the turkey. He tried to make it the national bird, finding it to be more morally sound.

The Butterball Hotline

Butterball Turkey started their own Thanksgiving hotline called the Turkey-Talk Line in 1981. The sole purpose of this line was to provide advice and answer questions for those cooking on Thanksgiving Day. Even with smartphones in seemingly everyone’s pocket, the Turkey-Talk Line still gets more than 100,000 calls each Thanksgiving season.

Mary Had a Little Turkey

Sarah Josepha Hale, the author of “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” has another claim to fame. It was thanks to her relentless efforts and letters that Abraham Lincoln finally decided to declare Thanksgiving a national holiday.

What do Retailers Have in Common With Plumbers?

They’re both really busy on Black Friday. According to Roto-Rooter, it’s the busiest day of the year for plumbers. Be sure to save a piece of pie as a thank you in case you need to call a plumber yourself.