How to Change Your Engine Air Filter

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Whether you attempt it on your own or take it to a shop, changing your car’s air filter regularly is important.

There are plenty of auto maintenance and repair tasks you can do at home without dropping big bucks on a visit to the mechanic. One of them is changing your engine air filter. If you’re familiar with cars at all, this should be an easy task for you.

The engine air filter, not to be confused with the cabin air filter, helps keep debris from getting into your engine and affecting engine performance. Check your owner’s manual or ask your dealer to find out how often you should change it, but the rule of thumb is once a year or every 12,000 miles.

After you buy a new filter, your first step is to park on a level surface, turn the car off, and pop the hood. Look for the air filter casing—in newer cars it should be located between the engine and front grille.

The casing will either be held on with screws or metal clips. With screws, just make sure you have the right screwdriver and unscrew them. With metal clips, use a butter knife to open the clips. Now lift the old filter out of the casing and use a rag to clean out the casing.

Put the new filter in where the old one was and replace the casing. It’s as simple as that!

But if you need help, schedule service today with our team and we’ll help change your car’s engine air filter!

Second Year of Vehicle Donations Strengthen Mazda Red Cross Partnership

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Mazda is committed to giving back and being charitable.

The Mazda Red Cross partnership started years ago, when Mazda became the first automaker to donate to the Red Cross Annual Disaster Giving Program. Last year, Mazda increased its yearly donation and was recognized as a $1 million member of the ADGP. Now, Mazda is donating 16 vehicles to the Red Cross, up one from its donation of 15 vehicles in 2015.

The Mazda Drive for Good program allows Mazda to work with a variety of non-profit organizations, and Mazda senior vice president of US operations Robert Davis says that the Red Cross “provide[s] an incredible partnership sharing similar values as ours.” The Red Cross not only provides help to people in disaster situations but also supplies 40% of the nation’s blood, teaches survival skills, and provides international aid, among many others.

Mazda has chosen 16 Red Cross offices across the US that have the most need for transportation to deliver supplies and emergency services to those affected by disasters. Mazda will deliver these vehicles to Mazda dealerships to be transported to Red Cross offices. The vehicles will mostly go to areas of Texas and the southwest, Illinois and other Midwestern areas, New Jersey, and Florida. These areas are often hit with major disasters such as tornadoes and hurricanes.