Patent Describes New Mazda Rotary Engine; Will It Power Upcoming RX?

For many people, Mazda is synonymous with the rotary engine. The only major automaker to employ this kind of technology, Mazda embraced the rotary engine back in early 1960s. Rotary engines produce power through compression by rotors, as opposed to pistons in a traditional engine.

After intense research and experimentation, Mazda introduced the rotary engine into their lineup, with the cutting-edge engine first powering the Mazda Cosmo Sport. That was in 1967.

Mazda faced many challenges back then because the first generation of rotary engines ran with high emissions with lower fuel efficiency. However, obstacles were bested and the rotary engine continued to evolve.

In 2012, Mazda decided to retire the Mazda RX-8 and with it the rotary engine. But Mazda has committed to bringing its extraordinary RX-VISION concept to production and the discovery of a US patent application recently submitted by Mazda has got a lot of people wondering.

The patent describes an innovative kind of engine. Motoring, reporting on the patent, explained how the new Mazda rotary engine featured a “lower intake manifold to boost performance” and how intake and exhaust flow would be improved by a “top-mounted exhaust port.”

Speculation has it that this patent may describe the engine set to power the production version of the RX-VISION concept. One could only hope…

Bad Driving Habits That Shorten a Car’s Life

2014 Mazda CX-5 - Bakersfield, CA

Bad driving habits can have many unwanted and potentially hazardous consequences.

Your car is a major investment, and it is extremely important to modern life as it takes you anywhere you want to go. However, the following bad driving habits can easily shorten the life of the vehicle you appreciate so much.

Aggressive Driving

Granted, a sports car is built to handle this kind of driving. But for most of us, the vehicle we are driving is not designed to withstand aggressive acceleration and braking. Doing so could shorten the engine life and will certainly cause us to pay more in brake pads and repair.

Delaying Repairs

A good rule of thumb is that if you have any doubts about your vehicle’s condition, get it checked out by a professional immediately. It could be nothing and it may cost a little, but ignoring the signs could lead to a much more major issue in the future.

Ignoring Service Engine Light

When the Service Engine Light comes on, people think, “Car’s running fine. Who cares” without understanding that the system is designed to make you, and your mechanic, aware of issues that might not otherwise be observable. In other words, don’t ignore the light.

At the end of the day, you can see these issues may not shorten your vehicle’s life overall. But they are will go a long way in emptying your pocket.

If you notice your car having problems, schedule an appointment with us.