The Joy Of Driving: Mazda’s SkyActiv Technology

According to Russell Wager, Mazda’s CMO in the U.S, Mazda’s SkyActiv technology is like a certain vegetable. “Once you start peeling the onion away, it’s a pleasant surprise.” What happens when people get to the core? “Their propensity to put the brand on their shopping lists increases dramatically.”

So, what is the SkyActiv technology? It’s really a combination of elements, all combined to put Mazda on the leading-edge of automotive technology.

Mazda's Skyactiv technology

The best part about Mazda’s Skyactiv technology is that you don’t have to drive the 2016 Mazda MX-5 Global Cup Car to enjoy it.

Mazda’s goal is “ideal combustion.” In this pursuit, they’ve developed the SkyActiv-G, a gasoline engine that features the world’s highest compression ratio. 

The SkyActiv Drive is a transmission with a “substantially direct drive feel.” It employs the classic combination of “a torque converter and stepped automatic transmission.” 

The SkyActiv body and SkyActiv chassis achieve the seemingly impossible goal of weight reduction–which enhances fuel economy–while maintaining the needed rigidity to prove successful in crash tests.

SkyActiv is something that grew out of Mazda’s philosophy of creating better fuel economy without sacrificing an enjoyable driving experience.  Test it out for yourself here at Bakersfield Mazda!

Tips On How To Increase A Car’s Resale Value

Most of us don’t drive our cars into the ground, so to speak. We normally sell the vehicle at some point, when the miles have reached a certain threshold or when a necessary repair comes up. Knowing this, it behooves us to do everything we can to insure that our vehicles show as much value as possible. To help in that endeavor, we’ve compiled a few tips on how to increase a car’s resale value.

how to increase a car’s resale value

Get a great used car like this 2015 Mazda CX-5 Grand Touring and learn to take care of it so it last for a long time and holds its value.

Appearance is huge. This is about controlling a potential buyer’s emotional response. In reality, the buyer can just as easily wax the car after they buy it. But it can pay dividends to wash and wax the car before selling it. Make a good first impression! Along with a good waxing, buff out any cloudy or glazed headlights and scrub the brake dust off of your rims.

Beyond the car’s current condition and its appearance, the buyer is going to be very interested in the car’s history. So, have your papers in order. Hopefully, you’ve kept proof of repairs. If you’ve miraculously kept proof of oil changes, that would impress the most skeptical shopper.

If you’ve made a few mistakes with the car you are currently selling, just commit to doing better with the next one. Keep it clean, maintained and collect all relevant papers as you go along. If you’re looking just to trade in your used car for a new one, then come see us at Bakersfield Mazda.

5 Steps to Follow After a Car Accident

steps to follow after a car accident

We hope that none of our readers have the misfortune of ever being in a car accident, but according to the statistics, we realize that is highly unlikely. So, if you ever find yourself in a fender-bender or single car accident, here are some steps to follow after a car accident according to Motoramic.

  1. Take pictures. With your cell phone, take a few pictures of the area of impact on your vehicle, and if another car or even light pole was involved, the damaged areas there as well. This will provide physical evidence of what took place to ensure accuracy for the police report and insurance claims.
  2. Practice your side of the story. According to Motoramic, “It’s always best to be calm, factual, and use any evidence available to add support to your statement.”
  3. You don’t need to be the first one to talk to the police. Present the facts in a calm, reasonable manner. Show them your pictures, any vehicular damage, and let them ask the questions.
  4. Record the conversation between you and the police. This is perfectly legal and within your rights and can help with insurance companies, and potential misinformation found in the police report.
  5. Check the Police report. If you find that there is inaccurate information in the police report, make an appointment with the officer so that the report can be revised – this is where a recorded conversation and pictures come in handy!

As emotions can run high at the scene of an accident, we encourage our readers to print this list to keep somewhere in your car, but mainly we wish you all safe driving and travels! If ever you should need service after an accident, we hope you consider Bakersfield Mazda.