The Mazda Assembly Line

How fast do you think vehicles come off of the assembly line? Would you guess maybe one every thirty minutes? Every ten minutes? If any automaker has manufactured an efficient assembly line, it’s Mazda, rolling a Mazda6 vehicle off of the line every 54 seconds!

Mazda Assembly Line

Mazda has worked hard to keep a prevalent share in the market even including innovations to their assembly line. Creating an innovative and super-efficient process, Mazda is creating vehicles quicker than top automaker Toyota (between 57-115 seconds).

Even though the auto maker is creating vehicles quicker than ever, the company is still having a hard time keeping up with demand. Their reputation of producing highly fuel efficient gas vehicles that can compete with electric hybrids really has consumers excited and wanting more. A common platform used around Mazda plants is the key word monozukuni, which means to make things. That is exactly what employees are doing. They continue to create innovative ideas that excited people, but also provide a better product.

In Japan, Mazda still produces around 60% of the markets vehicles. Globally, the company plans to increase production to 1.7 million vehicles by the year 2017. If Mazda continues to create and produce popular models they will be well on their way to reaching their goal.

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New “Kodo”-Inspired Mazda 3

If you’re a Mazda fan or just someone who appreciates cars, you have to see this.

Mazda3 Design

2014 Mazda3 Redesign

This new model was unveiled last Wednesday—a gloriously redesigned Mazda 3 with a long nose and a new grille that now looks like an attack scowl more than a goofy smile.

The new exterior is the company’s latest iteration of the Kodo design language, which is meant to embody the tension of power and speed caught in motion. Koko means “soul of motion.” This is a departure from the design philosophy in its previous models—“Nagare”—which was inspired by the flow of wind and water.

On the inside, the Mazda 3 also has a lot of new toys, packing tech only rarely found in the compact car segment. It features new navigation and infotainment systems, a rear-view camera, adaptive front lighting, adaptive cruise control, and a lane departure warning system, in addition to a new heads-up display for speed, RPM, and navigation information.

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Mazda6 Excites Consumers with New Marketing Tactic at Restaurants

Over the decades, Mazda has continued to make a name for itself in the US market. Starting with just a small segment of the market, Mazda has been able to build a high brand loyalty while competing with the largest auto companies in the U.S. Many auto companies struggle largely to make the movement into the U.S. markets. Mazda has been successful due to the highly competitive vehicles Mazda engineers have produced, including the 2014 Mazda CX-5 SUV and 2014 Mazda6 sedan.

2014 Mazda6

2014 Mazda6

To keep their momentum and growth throughout the market, Mazda has launched an interesting new marketing plan at local restaurants around the country. Mazda hopes to engage drivers through their Take6 Ride & Drive program promoting the 2014 Mazda6. The program is planned to launch in Seattle and then grow to 14 other markets. While consumers are waiting for a table, they will be able to take a six minute test drive of the 2014 Mazda6. Customers who decide to take the test drive will receive a gift card and a Mazda6-branded spice grinder. This experimental marketing tactic is targeted to end in November. Mazda’s director of PR and brand experience explains the guerrilla marketing tactic stating, “They’ll have gone out for dinner, and our goal is to catch these people where they are rather than making them go where the car is…. We’re trying to drive interest, get people behind the wheel of the Mazda6, understand what makes it unique and different—and do it in a way that’s comfortable.”

The 2014 Mazda6 is noted for many innovative features at a competitive and affordable price point. The highly acclaimed updated styling, SkyActiv technology, fuel efficiency, new materials are just a few reasons people are raving about the Mazda6 compact sedan. Receiving lots of positive reviews, the Bakersfield Mazda dealership in Bakersfield, CA has made sure to stock up on a large supply of the 2014 Mazda6. Find a large selection of colors and trim levels at this Mazda dealership for exactly what you want and need. With these new updates we know the Mazda sedan will be at the top of many car consumers lists this year.

How Music Can Influence Driving Habits

Have you ever been stuck in a traffic jam or a stressful driving situation? Have you noticed that technology and weather conditions can have an effect on your attention? Each year, more and more accidents happen from distractions and people not paying attention in stressful situations. This year, American and Dutch researchers banned together creating a study to gauge the effect music can have on drivers.


Recently, scientists created a study focusing on stressful situations and how people’s anxiety can be affected during different music at those times. This study titled, Using Music to Change Mood While Driving, in the journal Ergonomics, was composed of 14 women and 14 men from Stanford University. These 28 subjects were subjected to different weather conditions and other high stress situations while listening to a wide range of music genres. During the study, participants were hooked up to machines that compiled the different stress levels while different tunes were played.
AS a result, researchers found that music actually did play a role in a person’s stress level and their ability to control this situation safely.

Out of different genres ranging from classical to popular, from mild to upbeat all without lyrics, drivers performed best with soothing classical tones. Drivers listening to a soother classical genre were less stressed, less likely to speed, swerve or even cause accidents when compared to their driving experiences with louder upbeat and wild tunes.

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