2014 Mazda6 pricing begins at $20,880

Since its finale debut at the LA Auto Show, the 2014 Mazda6 showed off pretty much what the consumers were about to get, all the technology, fuel economy and designs were finished, there was just one thing missing. The sticker price. Mazda has finally released the MSRP of the new mid-sized sedan that they hope will take customers by storm.

The asking price of the 2014 Mazda6 is $20,880. This price is for the base Mazda6 Sports with a manual transmission, add in the $795 worth of destination charges and you have a total of only $21,675 for a brand new Mazda6. The super luxury loaded Mazda6 Grand Touring which is the default image on the Mazda site will be much higher with a starting asking price of $30,290. Mazda has already begun taking orders one the new Mazda6 mid-sized sedan and the cars will be available beginning January 2, 2013.

To compare, the current model Mazda6 starting price is only $155 less than the upcoming 2014, and the 2014 Grand Touring model is actually less expensive than the current version. This along with the many incentives that Mazda will likely draw up soon will make the new Mazda6 affordable, and an easy choice when looking for the next mid-sized sedan for your family.

Mazda enters Grand-Am Series with Diesel powered Mazda6

The 2014 Mazda6 using the SKYACTIV-D Diesel engine isn’t expected to zoom into North American Showrooms until the middle of 2013, but it will take much less time for Mazda to set the car into action. Mazda has decided to enter the mid-sized sedan using the SKYACTIV-D clean diesel engine into the new Grand-AM GX class race series. The Grand-AM GX class race series will take place at the Rolex 24 at Daytona, Florida on Januray 26th. This event will mark the first time in the race’s 60-year history that a diesel engine has entered and competed in the 24 hour long race.

The Mazda6 will use the new 2.2-liter turbocharged SKYACTIV-D race engine. This new engine is said to produce more than 400 horsepower and was created in conjunction with SpeedSource. It is said that many of the same components from this engine will be used on the passenger version of the Mazda6.

The GX class is a new class to the Rolex 24 and will race agaisnt the Daytona Prototypes and the GT class cars. The goal of the new class was to create a class for alternative fuels and technologies. Other automakers that are confirmed for this race are Audi, Hyundai, Ford, and Scion.

Mazda rumored to create a small crossover called CX-3

A big rumor over the ensuing weekend by AutoExpress was that Mazda is in the works to create a smaller crossover, to fill a market void called the Mazda CX-3. The small crossover would be based off of the Mazda2 platform and would be due to arrive sometime early in 2014. It would likely use the patented Mazda SKYACTIV Technology, helping keep the weight low, and the MPG high.

It is likely that the CX-3 will try to model its driving characteristics off of the CX-5 and MX-5 Miata, making it a fun handling and quick vehicle. Potential engine options could be the same engine that powers the CX-5, the 2.5-liter diesel, and the possibility of two other engines that Mazda has in the works; the 1.6-liter diesel and a 1.3-liter turbo gas engine.

Though there is much to come before the possibility of this new mini crossover, the excitement still mounts.